MP4 Video Recovery: Get Easy Access To The Lost Videos

Nowadays, MP4 video format is commonly used for video conferencing, CD distribution, television broadcasting, etc. It has digitized the whole world thus making our life more digital and more convenient. This video format is supported by all advanced portable devices such as digital cameras, iPod, PSP, camcorders and cell phones. Even SD cards, MMC, USB and hard disk drives serves as a storage medium for saving the MP4 video files. All these media provides fast and easy access of videos but also come up with an adverse side. These are prone of losing videos whether accidentally or due to some sort of corruption. Thus a need of MP4 video recovery arises for recovering the lost files.

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If the storing device is encountered with corruption issues then it throws many error messages when try to access videos. The error messages are the indication of device corruption. However, you may also encounter with some other symptoms which includes:
  • Storing media is not recognized.
  • MP4 file stops to respond.
  • Unable to transfer videos to other storage media.
  • Requires formatting of device.
  • When files fails to open.
  • If storage media is unable to read any file.

Reasons responsible for MP4 video loss

  • Unintentional formatting of device.
  • Virus or Trojan intrusion.
  • Corruption in storage media.
  • Damage of file system.
  • Interruption while transferring file from one device to another.
  • Accidental deletion of file from hard drive.
  • Hardware failure and software bugs.

The aforementioned reasons ends you with critical loss of MP4 videos. This unwanted scenario makes the individual helpless as it is big disaster to the memory of incredible moments. Now the question is that “is there a chance of MP4 video recovery”? Yes, because files are not permanently removed or lost from the device but only seems missing. The reason is that sometimes file entries are removed due to mishandling and the space occupied by lost files is available for further reuse. But for successful recovery, you have to stop the using of device so that lost videos do not get overwritten with the new ones.

How to recover lost videos

If you have a backup of your MP4 videos then you can easily recover the lost ones. However the best and secure alternative for MP4 video recovery is to use a third party professional software. MP4 recovery software is the powerful and appropriate tool for this. The possibility or chance of 100% accurate video recovery considerably increases with the use of this software. It successfully scans the entire corrupted media and restores all MP4 videos. So instead of waiting any more, have your lost videos back with the most efficient and the most reliable MP4 recovery software.

Software features:

  • Supports almost all Windows and Mac versions OS.
  • Can recover all other types of multimedia files such as audio, digital photos and videos.
  • Comes up with graphical and easy to use interface.
  • Supports all available storage media.
  • While recovering provides the thumbnail preview.
  • Offers fast and hassle free recovery.
  • Recovers MP4, MOV, MPEG, WMV and AVI video files.

Tips to avoid corruption and recommendations:

Keep caution while transferring videos and use uninterrupted power supply. Always keep backup of your valuable files. This will help you to get back to the videos in case of loss. Also use the device in proper way and avoid the mishandling.

Free Download Windows     Free Download Mac

User Guide Windows

Step 1:- 

Attach the storage device with your system. Afterwards select the start scan button inorder to recover lost MP4 videos.


This will show the list of attached device where you can select particular drive to recover the videos. It also offers to choose smart scanning method for customizing recovery process on file format basis.

 Step 3:- 

Then the interface displays a list of all file types where you can select the desired one to recover. After selecting start the scan process.

 Step 4:- 

It will provide the thumbnail preview of recoverable file before starting the recovery process. Here you can select the individual as well as all files to start the recover process. The scanning process is indicated by the progress bar.

 Step 5:- 

After completion of scanning process, the list of recoverable files is available which you can preview.

 Step 6:- 

Now browse to the location and select the specific one for saving the videos at that location.


Click for Mac user Guide 

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